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Our Values

Robin Plaster - Managing Director

Customer service has to be one of the most talked about terms in the UK today, but how many organisations do you know of that actually deliver what they promise? In our experience, very few! Here at KTIB we strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them.

The KTIB way...

  • We are committed to winning business with integrity and aspire to be the very best at what we do
  • We treat everyone we come into contact with respect and embrace diversity of opinions and attitudes
  • We do not claim to be infallible and on the rare occasions we get things wrong, we go out of our way to correct them and learn from our mistakes
  • We encourage open communication and individual
  • Our culture is one where people thrive on
    creativity and innovation. We try our best to
    anticipate market trends and move quickly to
    embrace them
  • Enthusiasm with KTIB is palpable
    and infectious – we want you to catch it too
  • We believe that working in insurance can, contrary to popular belief, be fun
  • We never forget who's making all this possible; above all else we know that customers come to us by choice
We live in a world where outstanding customer service is somewhat of a rarity. However here at Knowlden Titlow our friendly and knowledgeable staff strive to deliver great products and services in a way that exceeds your expectations

We've forged relationships with our customers that leave them confident that they've made the right choice and eager to keep making the same choice – a bold claim you might think, but we know this because over 94% * of our customers renew with us each year!

* Based on 2011 statistics