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Danny Hawkins completes the Norwich100

'Build a School' fundraising update

Danny completes the Norwich 100

On Sunday the 27th of May KTIB team member Danny Hawkins participated in the Norwich 100 bike ride as part of the KTIB team's 'Build a School' fundraising efforts.

On possibly one of the hottest days of the year so far Danny managed to complete the entire 100 miles, a gruelling route which started in the city of Norwich, continued through the countryside to the North Norfolk coast, and after a brief stop for refreshments, took the cyclists back to Norwich again via the Norfolk Broads. Quite a feat I'm sure you would agree and an incredible if somewhat painful experience for Danny:

"The first 50 miles went smoothly, however once I took the mandatory 30 minute break the adrenaline faded slightly and the aches and pains kicked in a little – though it wasn't as painful as the leg waxing I underwent the night before! The last 50 was always going to be hard work and I had to focus to keep myself motivated in the heat and the wilds of the North Norfolk coast line. With the last 10 miles in sight I was able to relax as I knew I was about to achieve what I had set out to do.

Despite it being incredibly hot and tiring I thought the whole experience was absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to get on my bike again."

Everybody at KTIB is extremely proud of Danny, particularly as he has managed to raise a fantastic £411.00 towards KTIB's 'Build a School' initiative.

It's also not too late for you to show your support for Danny's efforts. Donations can still be made at justgiving.com until the 28th of August 2012.

Let's get that School built

Fundraising for the school will be continuing throughout the year and you too can get involved. For more information about the KTIB ' Build a School' programme please read "KTIB announces plan to help 'Build a School' in Africa" and remember you can keep up to date with all our fundraising activities on the KTIB website and our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Published 29th May 2012

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