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Unoccupied home

Home Insurance Bulletin


This topical subject was recently featured on BBC's 'Rip Off Britain' TV programme on 7th January 2013. It focussed on a couple whose house was damaged by fire from a neighbouring property. Their buildings claim was rejected by Insurers on the grounds that the home was “Unoccupied”.

Our Protector Plus home insurance policy defines an “unoccupied” property as:

“…one not permanently lived in by you or by a person authorised by you for more than 60 consecutive days”.

This could occur in the following circumstances:

  • You have bought a second house and are renovating it yourself or using professional contractors
  • You have a second home that you only reside at during holidays or occasionally allow friends or family to use it
  • You rent out a second home but it does not always have a tenant in residence

To provide clarity, when a property is unoccupied our Protector Plus home insurance policy will exclude damage or loss to buildings or contents caused by:

  • Vandalism or malicious damage
  • Escape of water from pipes, equipment or fixed heating systems
  • Water freezing in tanks, equipment or pipes
  • Oil leaking from a fixed heating system
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fixed glass and sanitary fittings

Buy Back

However these covers can be included for an additional premium if full details of the unoccupancy are provided.

Our Standard Cover

Unlike some insurers our policy still provides the following cover irrespective of whether the property is occupied or not:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake
  • Storm, flood
  • Impact by aircraft or other object
  • Subsidence

We would ask you to contact us if you have any doubt whether your property is deemed 'unoccupied' to avoid potential gaps in cover.

Contact Lenses and Hearing Aids

We can cover these but ONLY if they are specified on your policy. We just need the make and value.

Second Homes

Don't forget we can insure your second or third home if you own one, whether it's used by you or let out to tenants provided your main home insurance is with us too.

For all your home insurance queries please contact Sahira Armstrong on 01603 218226

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Published 15th February 2013

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