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NARS Unveils New KTIB Ambulance Insured Vehicle

The Norfolk Accident Response Service, known as NARS, has unveiled a new car to carry out their life saving work. The charity, which provides emergency medical care to critically unwell patients in the community, has insured their new vehicle with KTIB Ambulance.

The Critical Care Unit is packed with specialist medical equipment, including a mechanical chest compression system and transport ventilator. The charity is run by volunteer Doctors and Paramedics who provide specialist emergency care to the sickest of patients in their homes and on the roadside.

Rob Rowley, Account Executive of KTIB Ambulance, part of the One Broker group, said "We are proud to provide insurance cover for NARS which does such amazing work locally in Norfolk".

For more on NARS and its new vehicle, take a look at the video on the right which was broadcasted on ITV Anglia News.

Published 7th March 2018

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