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Norwich Research Park welcomed with open arms

It is clear that the Norwich Research Park presents huge business opportunities for local companies in and around Norwich. Although the site has been in existence for several years and some of the key organisations in situ include the John Innes Centre and the Institute of Food Research, the Norwich Research Park has recently been awarded a £26m grant from the Government which will be used to develop the site further. This major development is happening on our own doorstep which is both exciting and has the ability to create a much welcomed boost to businesses in the area.

Knowlden Titlow Insurance Brokers is one of these. With the recent launch of our new facility, aptly named 'Genesis', we plan to become one of the leading insurance providers for biotech companies in the region and welcome the demand for such services due to the recent boom in the Life Science Sector.

So what is different about 'Genesis'? According to Michael Buse, our Marketing Director behind the Genesis facility:

"Biotech companies often require specific insurance covers which are not usually made available under a mainstream insurance policy. As this is the case, the market becomes limited and it makes it much more difficult to find an insurer who has the ability to offer suitable cover. Genesis has the ability to source specific insurance products that will suit the requirements of each business whether the company specialises in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals or Healthcare."

For businesses involved in the Life Sciences sector, another main concern to the board of directors is the length of time it could take to get their business back on its feet and fully operational after a major loss such as a fire or burglary. As having a robust post-loss strategy is the key to keeping a business alive, Genesis also provides other services such as risk management support and access to Knowlden Titlow's award winning 'cradle to grave' claims service for added piece of mind.

So, with the amount of other emerging businesses springing up in the area off the back of the Norwich Research Park, there is a certain amount of buzz and excitement in the business community about the opportunities for us all.

Published 6th February 2012

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