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Going the extra mile to care for your staff

The National Health Service was formed in 1948 to provide free treatment for all when it was needed. Although set up with the best intentions, coping with the Nations health issues comes at a huge cost and depending on where you are in the country, waiting lists alone could mean that you are not able to receive necessary treatment or operations in timescales reasonable to you.

To add to the gloom, the Office for National Statistics reports that almost 2 million sick days are taken every year in the UK. Although most of these would relate to minor ailments a significant chunk relate to longer term illnesses which result in the need for an operation to be carried out or a spell in hospital. This is where Private Medical insurance can help as it would mean that your employees could receive treatment much sooner and at a hospital of their choice. Taking out a PMI policy to cover your staff comes with many advantages to a business. It can:

  • Minimise the costs of long term sickness absence
  • Attract and retain the best staff whilst protecting your bottom line
  • Help to boost welfare benefits for your staff

What's more, Private Medical Insurance ranks as one of the highest perceived benefits to employees and shows that an employer is going the extra mile to care for its staff.

We are able to source quotations from a number of providers including Bupa, Aviva Healthcare, Axa PPP and Pru Health.

For more information about the products available, please contact John Knowlden on 01603 218220.

Published September 2011

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