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Online Claims System

The Power of Good Technology

Let's face it, reporting claims can sometimes be an arduous task and can take up valuable time. This is why in 2011 we put a lot of effort into making the process less painful and more efficient for our clients.

November 2011 was a big month for KTIB when we proudly launched our new online claims system. Although we knew how good the system was, our task was to communicate the merits of using the system to our broad client base. The reason for this according to feedback from clients is that it significantly speeds up the process of reporting a claim.

I am pleased to report that within very early days of the system going live we were staggered at the results. After analysing the information received, we realised that 38% of all eligible claims e.g. Motor and Goods in Transit claims, had been reported online and the number has been increasing ever since. The reason for this according to feedback from clients is that not only does it work (always a fundamental requirement for any new system), but it also significantly sped up the process of reporting a claim. What's more, the system is proving to be so good that we have received recognition from a leading trade journal and have been shortlisted for a national award.

What our Clients say

In our line of business Road haulage time is of the essence so as you can imagine anything that saves us this valuable factor means a lot to us. The Online form is easy to complete and prompts you for all the relevant information including the mandatory fields necessary for insurers to validate cover. We can thoroughly recommend the system to any future users.
Nigel Chapman, Fleet Manager, James Kemball Limited

What the Insurers say

As KTIB's online facility ensures Aviva is alerted as soon as the mutual client reports their claim to KTIB, it gives Aviva the opportunity to capture third party's in a timely manner. We believe that an insurer's ability to mitigate and control the cost of claims only occurs where we are directly notified of a loss event before a lawyer or accident management company becomes involved. We are a strong advocate of the insurer of the at-fault party being given the first opportunity to right any wrongs. With the ever increasing costs relating to Credit Hire and Bodily Injury, this tool - combined with early reporting of accidents – is an example of how an insurer can act quickly, reducing unnecessary claims costs which, in turn, has the positive effect of reducing upward pressure on premiums.
Paul Dyer, Lead Team Manager, Commercial Motor Claims, Aviva

Published 1st May 2012

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