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Michael Buse, Sales & Marketing Director

Michael Buse, Sales & Marketing Director

A brief look at product development

Since joining Knowlden Titlow in June 2010, Michael Buse, Sales and Marketing Director, set himself the target of developing three new insurance schemes a year which are business sector led.

So what is an insurance scheme I hear you ask? Well, all insurance brokers provide mainstream insurance products but some go one step further and develop bespoke products for certain types of trade, national associations or clubs. As with all products, some are very good and some are not so good. If the broker has developed a range of specific cover extensions which are of benefit to members, looked at specific risks which affect the trade sector and comprehensively researched the market, then they have done a good job. If they have just pulled together a collection of clients who share the same trade and called it a "scheme" then they haven't.

At Knowlden Titlow we like to think that we do a good job and many of our clients tell us this. We specifically look at a variety of risk scenarios to see how we can improve the cover and then where possible, work closely with our clients to develop a product which has true added value. To give you an example of this, our Splash facility, which is a bespoke insurance facility for Swimming Pool Contractors and ancillary trades, took six months to develop and is still being tweaked to this day. We have also provided facilities for Motorcycle Dealers (Torque Bike) and our newest facility is for companies involved in the Life Sciences sector. So we have been busy!

Published September 2011

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