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KTIB announces plan to help 'Build a School' in Africa

Like all responsible organisations Knowlden Titlow has a tradition of raising money in support of good causes. However, in 2012 the company plans to go one step further by not just donating to charity but sponsoring its own 'Build a School' programme. The company will be working in partnership with Build Africa, a charity that specialises in helping young African people escape poverty through education and income generation projects.

Managing Director Robin Plaster explains the rationale behind the move: "In Africa, millions live in crowded slums and the youth survive but don't thrive. I feel that we all have a part to play in trying to emancipate this continent from the perennial curse of poverty, disease and squalor that characterise the people's lives. One of the ways in which Africa will achieve this emancipation is through education and here at Knowlden Titlow we want to do something truly remarkable and life changing; build a sustainable school in a remote community of Uganda or Kenya, providing children with access to good quality education and enhancing their community life. To this end, we will be working closely with Build Africa as they have the experience and local knowledge to guide us through the process."

In addition to our corporate donation, the whole team at KTIB will be busy all year round organising a range of fund raising activities to try and get the school built as soon as possible.

The website editorial team will be following the progress of the school and will publish regular reports and photographs of the project both here and on the KTIB Facebook page. We will also be keeping you posted about all the KTIB team fund raising activities and any opportunities for you to also to get involved.

Published 5th January 2012

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