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Winter snow tips

According to the weather forecast this winter's snow is now on its way. Help to reduce the risk of damage to your home or business premises from heavy snow by following our simple tips.

  • Monitor the buildup of snow on roofs and clear it if accumulations reach unsafe levels. Snow that is left to accumulate on roofs can cause 'Ice Dams' to form on the edges of roofs by the continual thawing and refreezing of melting snow. If snow is allowed to form in the gutters, it can slowly seep through the roofing material and cause damage to the inside of a building
  • Ensure that all gutters and drains are clear and free from dirt. Melting snow needs to properly drain from the roof to prevent new snow from building up
  • Ensure all gutters and drains are connected firmly to the house. If not, these can easily fall under the weight of accumulated snow
  • Keep an eye on snow-covered trees that surround your building. If the accumulated snow becomes too heavy for the tree branches, they can break and fall onto nearby buildings
  • If unable to clear accumulated snow yourself consider engaging a specialist company to do it on your behalf.

Published 30th January 2012

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