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Building & Allied Trades

Ian Limeburner standing next to building site

KTIB has extensive expertise in the Building and Allied Trades sector.

  • We have access to a number of liability insurance schemes for "High Risk" contractors backed by financially secure insurers
  • We can accommodate Professional Indemnity Design and Build Collateral Warranty requests and bolt on an insurer checking service
  • We are savvy in understanding the requirements imposed under contract conditions and can respond to unusual scenarios – whether your cover requirements demand annual, project or one-off basis coverages. You can also secure specialist insurance such as 6.5.1/21.2.1 non-negligent damage covers and latent defects insurance
  • Our award winning claims service aims to ensure insurers do not over reserve for liability claims through regular reviews with their claims teams
They understand our Industry, meet deadlines, work 
with us to minimise risk and provide competitive rates - Gipping Construction

Whether you are a Principal, Contractor, Infrastructure Manager or Specialist Consultant involved in the construction sector KTIB is the Insurance Professional you should approach.

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