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Motor Trade

John Knowlden outside Robinsons Motor Dealership

As Motor Trade Specialists we have access to all of the UK's leading Motor Trade Insurance providers. Having a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, we aim to construct a bespoke policy wording providing the principal covers of Property, Liability, Road Risks, but also subtle cover extensions that can often be overlooked and frustrate you if you realise you do not have the cover in place when you need to make a claim.

These include:

  • Crime cover – where a bogus customer or third party manages to defraud you of a motor vehicle or other assets and you are left short
  • Wrongful Conversion - you innocently sell a stolen vehicle and it is re-possessed by the police
  • A brand new replacement vehicle if a customer's vehicle is damaged beyond repair prior to first delivery
  • Robust Offsite Vehicle Storage cover at shows or exhibitions
  • Flexible Unaccompanied Demonstration rules
Our trusted partner for over a decade - Robinsons Motor Group

We welcome all enquiries from all Motor Trade related businesses including Main Dealerships, New and Used Sales and Repair specialists, Bodyshops, and Valeters to name a few.

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